The Curly Gaits - Formerly Willowgait Equine Ranch
About Us
"The Little Curly Gaits" (formerly Willowgait Ranch) is located in the small agricultural community of Caistor Centre which is located in the West Niagara Region of Ontario, Canada.
Our love of the Curly Horse began in 2003 when we purchased our first full size Curly Horse for riding.   One of our good friends, and neighbours, was allergic to horses but had little or no reaction to our Curly.  That was a bonus since he was to be their keeper when we were away from the farm.    Their gentle and calm nature was a bonus that we fell in love with.   Two years and two more curlies later, health issues prevented me from riding so we purchased a couple of miniature horses and our hobby farm was born for breeding these little treasures.
As we became more aware of a large population of people with horse allergies, we started looking into miniature curlies.  Of course, at that time, there were no miniature curlies in the world and very few pony size curlies available.  
In 2006 we purchased two pony sized curly horses from Manitoba and the downsizing began!    In 2008 we had our first small curly coated filly, Duchess. Duchess will likely finish up around 40" but she has all the perfect attributes we are looking for in our breeding program.   Curls, beautiful refined features, sweet and calm temperament.   Duchess will be ready for breeding in 2011.
In the fall of 2008 we purchased a 2 year old, 40" Curly Stallion, "Buckys Bongo
Drummer EB" from Ellen Bancroft in Washington.   Ellen has been downing curlies for many years so we were lucky to benefit from her years of hard work.   (Thanks Ellen!) 
As of July 2010, we have had 6 curly foals between crossing Bongo with miniature mares and our 2 curly ponies with miniature stallions.  
  •    1 Curly coated filly in 2008, 
  •    2 Straight coated curly fillies in 2009 
  •    3 Curly coated colts in June 2010.  
Of these 6, 3 may finish up at miniature size, 1 straight coated mare and 2 curly coated colts.
Some of these will be kept to continue with our breeding and some will be sold to other lucky individuals!   See our "For Sale" page to see who is being offered.
Each year will bring a new crop as we match the best pairs to help us achieve our goal of Miniature Size, Good Conformation, Hypoallergenic, Calm and Friendly Temperament.

August 2010 we changed the name of our Farm to "The Little Curly Gaits"